Terminator: Dark Fate Review - Carside Reviews

The Terminator is once again back with Dark Fate, but should anyone care? I review the new Terminator and return of Sarah Conner in another Carside Review. JOIN: Join Adam Does MoviesSubscribeSUPPORT: Adam Does Movies PatreonTWITTER: Adam Does Movies TwitterINSTAGRAM:Adam Does Movies InstagramTags: Terminator dark fate review, terminator 6, termina

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Speed Is Still An Awesome Action Vehicle!

Pop quiz hot-shot. Which 90s action film features Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Dennis Hopper and a whole lot of cool explosions? If you answered Speed, then you know your stuff.. or you read the title of this video. Action movies today seem a bit too fake for my liking. I miss the exploding modals and practical effects. It feels far more realistic

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The Ice Road Is A Masterclass In Filmmaking

Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving. The Ice Road is the newest Netflix exclusive that makes me wonder why they even bother funding films at all? I assume this is inspired by the "reality TV show" Ice Road Truckers but I can't for the life of me believe even fans of that series would enjoy this mess of a movie. My Social Media:Adam Does Movies

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